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14th Desember 2018
  • 4:16 am ARROUND – Platform komunikasi terobosan dalam bidang AR
  • 2:18 am Foresting – Generasi media sosial selanjutnya yang berdasarkan blockchain
  • 3:46 pm ApolloX – Masadepan E-Commerce yang Terdesentralisasi Dengan model perlindungan belanja lengkap, keamanan data, dan komisi minimal
  • 6:12 pm SPOKKZZ – A Community-Powered Film & TV Blockchain Ecosystem

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Good afternoon friends. back again with me Arkaasay in this post I will discuss a project called Buddy. I think Buddy project is very promising, because Buddy has a very interesting concept in my opinion, why? Because uddy puts application development on autopilot and makes building apps scalable, creating a decentralized DevOps Marketplace and Automation GRID that challenges how today’s developers build, test & deploy their apps. Of course for investors please immediately invest your money into the project that I will discuss this. do not regret later if you do not invest your money duit.karena I believe this project is very promising. let’s discuss. I’m sure some of you guys and want to really want to know details about this amazing project. Well, this is a promising project with an interesting creative idea and can change the future of cryptocurrencuy.

Rather than be curious about this very promising project, please read the article I wrote below:

What is Buddy?

Buddy may be a platform for development and readying automation. It facilitates the DevOps adoption associated has an open system, supporting all codes. The project is leading platform for development automation (DevOps). The automation market is growing quickly, its turnover can reach $345 billion by 2022. the aim of crony is to form life easier for different code developers by automating all the routine tasks. this can offer programmers the chance to comprehend their artistic potential and permit them to specialize in concepts which will flip the globe around. It includes four main compounds: pipelines (automated code production line), sandboxes (automated disposable check and preview), version management and integrations with several scopes.

Buddy, partnered with business leaders cherish Amazon, Docker, Github, Microsoft, and Google, may be a winning development automation platform that serves a quickly growing market valued to become $345 billion by 2022. Over 7,000 developers use crony each day across 120+ countries. Featured customers: opposition. Magazine, CGI.com & ING Bank. Our vision is to become the backbone on that gifted folks will build world-altering apps & services. Our goal is to require the load off a lot of developers by offloading everything which will be automatic – giving them back the time for being artistic.

Of course for investors please immediately invest your money into the project that I will discuss this. do not regret later if you do not invest your money duit.karena I believe this project is very promising. let’s discuss. I’m sure some of you guys and want to really want to know details about this amazing project. Well, this is a promising project with an interesting creative idea and can change the future of cryptocurrencuy.

Problems & Challenges

  • Barriers to Development Automation: Application automation development provides a huge boon to organizations, but it is challenging to adopt
  • Obsolete tools: Solutions that come and go can’t continue to innovate and will have to be replaced
  • No solutions for cross-functional teams: Damaging to organizational performance & culture with clashes of attitudes and conflicting goals
  • Difficult scaling: Large teams which use automation as a key differentiator and value driver, struggle to scale up their DevOps infrastructure

Buddy Solution

  • [ICO Goal] DevOps Marketplace: An app store for developers by developers with solutions that automate application development
  • [ICO Goal] BlockchainOps: Development automation bots made for smarter, better & faster Blockchain apps
  • [Already Delivered] Integrations: Rich pallet of dedicated integrations provides comprehensive support for many stacks
  • [Already Delivered] Automation Pipelines: Automate application development and deployment with 70+ ready-to-use steps
  • [Already Delivered] Sandboxes β: Full-stack previews & test environments that work as automated instant application previews for every code branch
  • [ICO Goal] Automation GRID: Decentralized infrastructure for running an infinite number of automation tasks for app development

Just info, This project got a rating of 4.8 from icobench, as we know icobench is the web rating for the most trusted ico among other web ratings. For more details please visit the following link that leads to icobench: https://icobench.com/ico/buddy

Below are details that might be useful to you: 

PreICO Price
1 ETH = 8,000 BUD
1 ETH = 5,000 BUD
Soft cap
8,000 ETH
Hard cap
60,000 ETH
KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas

Example Pipeline for a dApp Project

Rentcherry uses many pipelines to handle their development progress, every for development, staging and production. during this example we are going to analyze their staging pipeline. This pipeline is dead on each push to
the stage branch, that means that the applying is prepared for final testing and is on the brink of production unharness. Rentcherry is Associate in Nursing example of a suburbanised Home Rental Platform. It leverages blockchain technology to supply seamless rental expertise.

The platform stack consists of:

• Node.js for the front-end page
• Spring Framework, Java, for the back-end logic
• Truffle, an Ethereum development framework, for their smart
contract which handles trust logic of multi-party rental agreements
• Slack for team communication
• Sentry for error tracking
• DigitalOcean droplet for front-end page hosting
• Amazon Elastic Beanstalk for back-end application hosting
• Amazon S3 for large media files such as tutorial videos
• Ethereum Blockchain which runs their smart contract
• IFPS for storing data that requires an immutable distributed
data store

Buddy Roadmaps



The project has a strong and highly qualified team, which I think is capable of bringing the project to the highest level in the shortest time possible and I hope they succeed.This team includes major specialists from various industries with years of experience. With the main participants you can see on the official website, there you will also find links to their personal accounts on social networks.

The team behind the Buddy project can be considered an advantage for the project. The team is relatively large compared to other projects and ICOs and consists of experienced and skilled people. There are photos and LinkedIn accounts provided alongside members to prove they are real people, because many suspicious projects refuse to show off their members. Regardless of the developer, who keeps the project’s technical side and develops the only platform, there are people responsible for maintaining contact with the community and potential investors, while all sides of advertising and marketing strategies are also in good hands. The following is information from some key members. The rest, you can see more details on their official website: https://token.buddy.works

Buddy’s team has been selected for the foundations of a culture of innovation, trust, transparency, and simplicity in our core corporate values and embedded in everything we do. Our organizational structure is flat to ensure quick execution in fast moving space. Each member has led multidisciplinary, multidisciplinary and adaptive teams to achieve technological innovation in tough markets.

Tokensale Experts


Yes to the investors do not forget to invest your money into this project, do not miss it. because investors are starting to arrive. Ok, for more details please visit the official website: https://token.buddy.works/

Friend, I want to say that this is really a new and unusual project. You can also pay attention to this project, and study it in more detail. read the Whitepaper at: https://files.buddy.works/ico/BuddyWhitepaper.pdf

Thank you friends have read this article I write, if you have more money and you want to invest, then I strongly recommend this project. because this is a very promising project with interesting ideas and also this project has a professional and reliable team. do not miss.

For more info please click the link below:

ANN | Website | Telegram #1 | Telegram #2 | Whitepaper | Onepager | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Reddit

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