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19th September 2018
  • 4:16 am ARROUND – Platform komunikasi terobosan dalam bidang AR
  • 2:18 am Foresting – Generasi media sosial selanjutnya yang berdasarkan blockchain
  • 3:46 pm ApolloX – Masadepan E-Commerce yang Terdesentralisasi Dengan model perlindungan belanja lengkap, keamanan data, dan komisi minimal
  • 6:12 pm SPOKKZZ – A Community-Powered Film & TV Blockchain Ecosystem

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Good night friends. back again with me Arkaasay in this post I will discuss a project called MoneyToken. I think the MoneyToken project is very promising, because MoneyToken has a very interesting concept in my opinion, why? Because enough, with token money ecosystem; No need to configure virtual assets to sell if you need money or stable cash. With this Money Token platform you will not only receive liquid funds, but also save your cryptographic space and stay in the middle of a long investment game.
Rather than be curious about this very promising project, please read the article I wrote below:

Over the years, e-money has shown sturdy growth through capitalisation and a rise within the worth of this currency. One unit of cryptocurrency will be identical as thousands of bucks. Therefore, it’s usually thought of AN plus instead of a currency. are you able to use one Bitcoin to travel to the market to shop for vegetables? in fact not. Low liquidity could be a concern for those that have them. the answer could be a credit model during which crypto-assets fluctuate as a guarantee whereas credit is given during a stable currency. however you are taking it to take a position it appears a lot of affordable. Investors and miners hold cryptocurrency instead of victimization it to shop for merchandise and services. Users don’t have AN incentive to trade or sell it, as a result of once they’re listed, the owner loses their investment position.
This is a virtual platform that enables the financiers of instant liquidity – the foremost lovely half is that the loan are settled on the idea of your assets in foreign currency assets.
Electronic cash, conjointly called cryptocurrency, you’ll use electronic cash to shop for everything and switch it into money once required. conjointly electronic cash will be changed directly with the web affiliation device while not the necessity for intermediator monetary establishments, that the dealings prices are greatly reduced. With electronic cash, you’ll use it anyplace within the world and your account won’t be frozen.
At this stage of market development, we have a tendency to see that the cryptocurrency plus has gained the characteristics of assorted monetary instruments. we are able to divide cryptocurrency with their quality and algorithm; into investment assets and suggests that of payment.
Investing in crypto currency assets won’t permit investors to profit from their future worth increase, so several financiers can pay less for cryptograms and keep them benefiting. Now go, the cash Token system comes into play.

MoneyToken Platform Use you to save lots of cash, supported this worth of your cryptocurrency plus possession. you may use, use it easier to vary Bitcoin otherwise you – and since you may get the in agreement quantity of cash in a very stable currency. And when paying off the loan, you receive all of your Returns, even though the pledge has magnified in worth many times. With MoneyToken, there’s no reason to sell BTC. you’ll earn money or stable cash. MoneyToken provides loans supported by crypto, MTC stablecoin and a suburbanized exchange service. the matter is obvious for a few time – pay this time to stop cryptocurrency from process massive amounts of data, supporting the mandatory for prime sales. this is often wherever MoneyToken comes in.

Roger Ver, Founder of Bitcoin.com, an adviser at MoneyToken says:

“MoneyToken is a tangible example of the real use of blockchain technology, as well as offering a major boost to the crypto market liquidity for all market participants, and especially for businesses.”


  1. Cryptocurrency payments are made to support exchange rate stability – they are usually embedded with their own set of mechanisms, unique algorithms to regulate mining constraints or the release of new coins.
  2. At this stage of market development, they see that cryptocurrency assets have acquired the characteristics of various financial instruments. We can divide cryptocurrency with their quality and algorithms, into investment assets and means of payment.
  3. Investment assets are volatile and attractive for the long term, made to get the difference between exchange rates or get other types of income, such as from stock proof algorithms, interest rates and so on.

What issues did MoneyToken solve?

if at the governmental level, cryptocurrency has a certain status, the banking system and its loan services are closed to the cryptocurrency business or holders of those assets. even if the new functional cryptocurrency has a capitalization of several million, it may not be recognized by a pre-existing financial financial system as an asset.
  • spending today’s crypto assets eliminates the holder’s ability to benefit from any future growth value; holders who buy low requirements to keep them in order to benefit from high sales. holders who buy low requirements to sustain their investment to profit from high sales.
  • The MoneyToken platform allows you to borrow liquid funds instantly, based on the current value of ownership of your cryptocurrency assets. You take out a loan, secured by a more volatile asset like Bitcoin or Ethereum – and in return you receive the agreed loan amount in a stable currency.
  • In this way, you can obtain liquid funds for immediate needs, and keep your crypto position, all at the same time. And after paying back the loan, you receive all your collateral back.
Use smart contract
Due to the existence of intellectual blocks and contracts, the loan model does not require an intermediary, except for a combination that ensures transaction settlement. This is one credit system based on sorting, where as a fence you can use any kryptovaktivnogo resources blur. However, the rules and conditions regarding fees and credits in this model are always clear and general – otherwise, they will be governed by reasonable contracts. As a result of the lack of brokers, every financial institution – the creditor and the bank that invests in the digital currency economy – can lend, get costs and improve the transparency of the procedure as a whole.
This is a of the advantages of MoneyToken versus traditional banking or pawnbrokers’ schemes:
  1. Transparency of the operation during both transfer and
    retention of the security deposit.
  2. Transparency of collateral evaluation and the fluctuation of
    its value over time for both parties.
  3. Automatic confirmation of the loan within seconds or
    minutes. *No requirement for credit scoring or verification of assets.
  4. The customer regulates the loan conditions on their own
    within the confines of the platform’s terms.
  5. An option to deposit the collateral in several
    cryptocurrency assets in order to stabilize the general fluctuation of the
    collateral and lower any upward pressure on interest rates.
ICO / COIN Details:
Name: MoneyToken
Symbol: IMT
Token selling price: $ 0.005
Retail Price: $ 0.05
Max. emission: 20,044
Private Sale: Feb 07–21 Mar Soft Cap: -. Hard cap: $ 1.5MM
Pre-Sales: March 22 — May 1st Soft seal: $ 1.5MB. Hard
coverage: $ 5MM
Token Sale: May 02 — Jun 06 Soft seal: $ 3MM Hard cap: $
Retail Sales: Jun 07. Soft seal: -. Hard cap: -.
The Retail Price of IMT will be higher by x10 of the final
price on the Token Sale, as it is unlimited and will increase in the future and
will never be eliminated any lower than the Token Sale price.
Funds received from Retail sales will be transferred to the
Safety fund to secure the interests of the lender. The fund’s security
mechanism is explained in detail on our white paper. We will refund the money
if the soft hat will not be achieved. All unsold tokens will be burned.

MoneyToken Has a very experienced team and advisor and this is what makes this project so promising. please see the photo below for more details:
Message from author
Thank you friends have read this article I write, if you have more money and you want to invest, then I strongly recommend this project. because this is a very promising project with interesting ideas and also this project has a professional and reliable team. do not miss.
Yes to the investors do not forget to invest your money into this project, do not get away yak. because investors are starting to arrive. Okay for more details please visit the official website: https://moneytoken.com/

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