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19th September 2018
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Greetings to the whole community, I am passionate about crypto coins and good project followers. In this new publication I would like to present the WPP ENERGY project. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crytocurrencies, ICO … but WPP ENERGY blockchain is the coolest, and for more details we’ll cover the following topics:

The first time I heard about Bitcoin is in 2010, where the price of Bitcoin is still about 10 cents (US Dollar). At that time, I have not invested. Then I re-read about cryptocurrency in 2015, when Bitcoin price has reached about 200 US Dollars. Again I did not invest. At that time, it was very difficult to find a guide about cryptocurrency. None of my friends has or understands how Blockchain or cryptocurrency works. I decided to write this guide to help you start investing in the blockchain world.

Here I will introduce to you a platform that will help you to who want to invest in cryptocurrency, that is WPP ENERGY. There are many people who do not know how to start investing in cryptocurrency, or just do not have the time and energy to do it. WPP ENERGY will handle all these needs for you who want to invest.

To understand more about this project, I recommend you to view the following video:


A highprofile, extraordinary and mindblowing platform with
countless GOVERNMENTs signing CONTRACT with renewable energy contracts with governments around the world, worth more than $ 50 billion, starting with an initial focus on $ 6B USD starting in December 2018.

WPP ENERGY has signed contracts with various countries around the world at the federal government level for green energy production for a sustainable 35-year period. The contract includes an PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) that converts MSW (Municipal Wastes) into electricity and becomes a product to be used for the local market.

Of course for investors please immediately invest your money into the project that I will discuss this. do not regret later if you do not invest your money duit.karena I believe this project is very promising. let’s discuss. I’m sure some of you guys and want to really want to know details about this amazing project. Well, this is a promising project with an interesting creative idea and can change the future of cryptocurrencuy.

Why should you make WPP your next investment option?

A. The WPP rating in ICO bench, ICO track and ICO drop are exceptional ie 5.0 / 5.0

B. The Global Green Energy Spreading The new platform will enhance WPP’s ability to
reduce energy production costs, positioning the Platform to become the world’s central hub
for renewable energy trade.


D. WPP Energy tokens are destined to become one of the leading cryptocurrencies
globally because they will be used as payment methods for energy transactions. Furthermore,

E. WPP Continues VARIETY ENERGY SOLUTION: These solutions meet the full coverage of our various Government Contracts worldwide, we can deploy a
number of energy solutions including: Waste Power to Energy, Hydro Power Plant
, Biomass Power Plant , HHO Electric Power Station or HHO Power Plant Conversion, Solar Power,
Green Village Development or Intelligent City and Agricultural Tower.


  1. ADVANCED HHO TECHNOLOGIES. The upcoming release of three sophisticated game change energy technology solutions will solve many energy problems worldwide:
  2. WPP ENERGY MOBILE POWER STATION. WPP has a developmental solution that will generate 1 to 2.5 MW of energy per hour. This stand alone power station requires only a plumbing connection and can be delivered anywhere in the world. This product will demonstrate the WPP market leadership to help solve the massive energy crisis by using existing WPP proven technology to establish WPP as the world’s preferred power supply for cryptocurrency miners, providing a range of clean and cheap power solutions to the small threshold, medium and large mining operations. Projected power demand from cryptocurrency mining will trigger exponential demand for affordable WPP clean energy solutions,
  3. HHO ENERGY CONSERVATION CLEAN FROM COAL, OIL, NATURAL GAS, AND WATER PUSKESMEN WATER. WPP has a solution under development that will transform the polluting power producer into an efficient, low-cost green energy producer. The WPP business plan includes conversion to clean up as much HHO energy as possible from the 20,000+ Coal, Oil, Natural Gas, and Gasoline Generators that pollute the world. WPP has a total solution to clean up the industry, greatly reducing operating costs and increasing the efficiency of Power Generation, while significantly reducing energy production costs.
  4. HHO HOME UNITS COMPLETE ENERGY SOLUTIONS. WPP has a solution in development that will provide a complete power supply that will typically pay for itself in less than two years, Adopting this technology will thus be free of electricity bills in no time and will no longer require the energy of their utility company.

WPP consists of two digital platfoms:


GREEN ENERGY GLOBAL PLATFORM  will be deployed at the end of Q4 2018 to capture data on electricity production from Green Energy producers worldwide.
Green Energy producers who participate in the platform are ready to provide power at wholesale prices
to private institutions and consumers looking for clean energy production worldwide
with prices that are lower than traditional prices. WPP global electricity production data itself will also be streamed to the platform.
The platform will transform the power generation industry for the benefit of both consumers and suppliers, as the WPP Platform will capture this supply through the transmission of keperon data. Data delivered to the platform will include the type of energy generated, the amount of energy available, the energy price and its location. The new Global Green Energy Platform deployment will enable our ability to reduce the cost of green electricity production for Users.

WPP EXCHANGE PLATFORM will be used in Q4 2018 and will incorporate Cryptocurrency Crypto Energy and Crypto in the market into a new exchange platform. This will increase liquidity for all participants on the platform by allowing multiple currencies to trade with each other as well as energy.


For more details, please visit the following link:  https://wppenergy.io//roadmap


The team behind the WPP ENERGY project can be considered an advantage for the project. The team is relatively large compared to other projects and ICOs and consists of experienced and skilled people. There are photos and LinkedIn accounts provided alongside members to prove they are real people, because many suspicious projects refuse to show off their members. Regardless of the developer, who keeps the project’s technical side and develops the only platform, there are people responsible for maintaining contact with the community and potential investors, while all sides of advertising and marketing strategies are also in good hands. The following is information from some key members. The rest, you can see more details on their official website: https://wppenergy.io//managementteam

The WPP ENERGY team has been selected for the basics of a culture of innovation, trust, transparency, and simplicity in our core corporate values ​​and embedded in everything we do. Our organizational structure is flat to ensure quick execution in fast moving space. Each member has led multidisciplinary, multidisciplinary and adaptive teams to achieve technological innovation in tough markets.

The project has a strong and highly qualified team, which I think is capable of bringing the project to the highest level in the shortest time possible and I hope they succeed.This team includes major specialists from various industries with years of experience. With the main participants you can see on the official website, there you will also find links to their personal accounts on social networks.


In addition to having a talented and trusted Team, WPP ENERGY also has a very reliable and experienced Advisor. they are the ones who make this project a promising business.


Yes to the investors do not forget to invest your money into this project, do not miss it. because investors are starting to arrive. Ok, for more details please visit the official website:  https://wppenergy.io

Friend, I want to say that this is really a new and unusual project. You can also pay attention to this project, and study it in more detail. read the Whitepaper at:   https://wppenergy.io/pdf/Whitepaper.pdf

For more info Please visit:
https://twitter.com / wppenergycoin 
https: //www.facebook.com/WPP-Energy-575263249486648 

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