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19th September 2018
  • 4:16 am ARROUND – Platform komunikasi terobosan dalam bidang AR
  • 2:18 am Foresting – Generasi media sosial selanjutnya yang berdasarkan blockchain
  • 3:46 pm ApolloX – Masadepan E-Commerce yang Terdesentralisasi Dengan model perlindungan belanja lengkap, keamanan data, dan komisi minimal
  • 6:12 pm SPOKKZZ – A Community-Powered Film & TV Blockchain Ecosystem

This website provides an overview of ICO reviewed in depth and thorough, researching an ico project in a propesional and reliable.


Good night all. come back with me arkaasay In this post I will discuss a project called XYO Network. I think XYO project is very promising, because XYO Network has a very interesting concept in my opinion, why? Because XYO is an implementation of e-commerce system with payment for delivery using smart contracts and XYO networks. Instead of curious let’s look at the article I wrote as follows: 

WEBSITE: https://xyo.network/

As I explained earlier XYO is an ICO with the concept of “implementing Pay-on-Delivery eCommerce system using Smart Contracts”. The goal of XYO Network is to create an unreliable distributed location information system that is resistant to attack and produces the highest possible reliability when requesting existing data.

As XYO said on its official website XYO will be a new breakthrough and may also be larger than a mixture of etiquette and Bitcoin.


XYO will be the last prophecy of this site because of two basic concepts he presents: “Proof of origin and related witnesses”. Detailed information about these two concepts is available on the XYO Network white paper. 

Proof of Origin ensures that the information provided component is valid and resistant to counterfeiting, while the Bound Witness concept ensures that two different components of the XYO Network are in the same location at the same time. 

There are four main components of XYO network: Sentinel (Data Collector), Bridge (Data Relayer), Data Storers, Diviners (Answer Aggregators). Sentinel collects location information via radio, sensors, and so on. 

The XYO Network team wants to achieve this through a series of zero abstractions along the system components with a series of abstractions that greatly reduce the risk of position spoofing.

I believe that XYO is the first decentralized cryptographic network built for the world in the future.

The XYO network can track the location of packets sent to consumers throughout each stage of compliance. The XYO network allows for smart contracts to access the real world using the XYO device ecosystem to determine if an object is in a particular XY coordinate. Someone can manage applications that do transactions in smart contract, is not that really great ?. This can allow e-commerce retailers and websites to verify, in an unbelievable way, that the package not only appears on the customer’s doorstep, but also safely within their home. It also allows retail or e-commerce sites to offer payments on delivery, using special Ethereal contracts to protect sellers from cheating or losses.

Over the past few years, XYO Network has developed an important technology to bring blockchain to the real world, to make it programmable and accessible to everyone.

XYO has developed location-focused blockchain technology research that is no longer limited to the online world, and XYO has created what products are ready to get Bluetooth and GPS around the world. 


if I have to say or if in my personal opinion, I am deeply impressed with everything that is related to this project. XYO has a team that is very propesional and also they are very reliable in the field. They also have a very good and interesting promotional Video. The idea of ​​the project is also very interesting especially for my own interests and I also think that people who know about this project will feel that way. For everyone who plans to participate in this ICO, I advise you to join WHITELIST FOR TOKEN SALE and do your due diligence on XYO before it starts. 


For more info please visit:

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